Apps written in Objective-C, Swift or using Xamarin for iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch


Get your app out there for the worlds biggest mobile platform on phones and tablets


If you want native, with the advantage of code sharing between iOS and Android, choose Xamarin

Upfront Thinking

Explore what apps can and can't do. Both Apple and Google have guidelines on what is acceptable for their app stores.


Push notifications, iBeacons, HomeKit, app permissions, maps, in-app purchases, ... Understand them and how easily they can be implemented.

UI and UX

User Interface and User Experience. There are standard ways of working on each platform. Good apps respect these. Bad apps ignore them.


Testing is crucial for a solid app and the success of your app.


Make sure your app release goes smoothly. Get the low down on metadata, review times and help during that launch period.


Get support for your new app, or for your existing apps developed elsewhere.

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From our blog

Your own Trunk Notes settings page

on March 10, 2017

Lua is a great way to really make your Trunk Notes wiki your own. If you have done some programming before then Lua is quite easy to pick up. This week I had a question from someone wanting to create their own settings page. The page would have checkboxes which could then be read by a Lua script run on each page load. Doing this is fairly straightforward. To start with create a new page containing your checkboxes.

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Custom offline maps in Android using QGIS

on March 7, 2017

One of my clients produces heritage and tourism apps and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of these for him. Recently he came to me needing some help adding custom/offline mapping support to one of his Android apps. He had a map image he’d licensed and needed it to work largely offline in addition to already implemented mapping using the Google Maps SDK. This is quite a text heavy article and could use some images.

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Playing with Lua

on February 20, 2017

I’ve been asked recently for more tutorials on using Lua with Trunk Notes, and this morning I was asked: “I want to include the previous page at the top of my current page.” Using Lua this is an easy ability to add in Trunk Notes. The starting point is working out how to get access to the last page. Trunk Notes has a function history which returns a certain number of page titles that have been browsed recently.

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Trunk Notes 4.5.0

on February 18, 2017

Trunk Notes 4.5.0 was released yesterday. This update comes with some new features and the usual bug fixes. For users who sync their wiki with Dropbox you might be excited that Trunk Notes (finally!) automatically uploads new and changed pages. If you have issues with this new feature you can easily disable it to return to the old behaviour. Manual sync may still be needed if you don’t change anything but want to bring in changes made on another device.

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The Apps

If Apps On The Move works with you on your next project it will be as part of your team, not as a third party. Most of the companies we work with don't want to publicise the fact development isn't in-house - and we are more than happy with that.