beorg 1.2

beorg 1.2 is now on the App Store. WebDAV support Dropbox is great but many people prefer to store files on their own server or use another solution which better meets their needs. WebDAV is a standard way of providing generic file server capabilities over the Internet and is supported by services such as OpenDrive, Nextcloud and ownCloud. If you use Org-mode and want to keep your org files out of the hands of providers such as Dropbox then beorg 1.

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beorg - a new iOS Org-mode app

This is a slightly belated post about the release of beorg - a new iOS Org-mode app. I’m going to admit to being a relative newcomer to Emacs and Org-mode. Whilst I’ve toyed with Emacs over the years I stuck with Vim since first using it at university in the late 1990s. The concept and polished implementation of Org-mode lead me finally to reconsider Emacs as my main editing environment1 a few months back.

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