Trunk Notes 4.7.0

Trunk Notes 4.7.0 is now on the App Store.

A minor change in this release is that images are not always shown at the full width of the screen, greater for smaller images or if you want to specify a size. The main change is the update to the Markdown parser. In this blog post I’m going to review some of the new Markdown features.

Trunk Notes uses the Markdown parser Discount, an excellent C library written by David Parsons. Trunk Notes 4.6.0 and below was based on a custom version of Discount 2.0.3. Trunk Notes 4.7.0 is now on Discount 2.2.0 released in January 2017.

Fenced Code Blocks

Fenced code blocks are great if you want Trunk Notes to show some text exactly as its been typed, fantastic if you want to store code snippets.

For example,

    <p>This is some verbatim HTML</p>


If you want to include footnotes that is now possible.

Trunk Notes is written in Objective-C[^1] and was first released in February 2009.

[^1]: A programming language used primarily to write iOS and macOS apps.

PHP Markdown Extra Definition Lists

This feature allows you to create definition lists using an easy to use syntax. For example…

Personal Wiki
: A wiki maintained primarily for personal use

Trunk Notes
: A personal wiki for iPhone and iPad

Have fun with the new Markdown features. Feel free to comment below with how you are using them to make your personal wiki even better.