Trunk Notes 4.5.0

Trunk Notes 4.5.0 was released yesterday. This update comes with some new features and the usual bug fixes.

For users who sync their wiki with Dropbox you might be excited that Trunk Notes (finally!) automatically uploads new and changed pages. If you have issues with this new feature you can easily disable it to return to the old behaviour. Manual sync may still be needed if you don’t change anything but want to bring in changes made on another device.

All users may find useful new features to enable easier creation of hierarchical pages. Trunk Notes, and some users, have used the : character in page names to indicate that one page belongs to another. For example Docs:LuaScripting can be read as the page “LuaScripting” whose parent is the pages “Docs”.

The new features allow quick creation of child pages, navigation to parents or children from the search bar and support for renaming all pages in the hierarchy automatically.

The full list of changes in 4.5.0:

  • Allow full-text with just 2 characters (very useful for some languages)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for search, edit, back and forward when viewing pages
  • Show keyboard shortcuts when command held down
  • Support for creating child pages, and navigating to children/parents from search
  • / function to list children of current or a specific page
  • Page modifications or deletion now automatically starts a background Dropbox sync

Trunk Notes was first released in 2009 and users who bought version 1 have never been charged for an update. If you are a long time user and would like to support ongoing development check out -