Our phones are amazing

My phone is amazing. On an average day it will:

  • Be my book when I take my asleep 7 month daughter downstairs first thing in morning (Kindle app)
  • Check traffic on the school run before heading out (Google Maps)
  • Take phone calls from clients looking for an update on their app
  • See if it’s going to rain before going for a walk at lunchtime (Dark Sky)
  • Generating a banner image for a blog post (Adobe Spark Post)
  • Check and respond to email if out of the office (Inbox by Gmail)
  • Play a podcast on the way home from work (Overcast)
  • Help get my daughter to sleep with some white noise when it’s my wife’s turn to do our son’s bath (Spotify)
  • Catching up on RSS feeds (Reeder), Twitter (Tweetbot), Reddit (Apollo) whilst she’s falling asleep
  • Draft an idea for my latest blog post (Drafts/iA Writer)
  • Keep track of something I’ve thought needs to be done tomorrow (beorg)
  • Put something from Netflix on the Apple TV when the remote had gone missing again (iOS 11 Apple TV control centre function)

Thanks to my phone and all the apps I use everyday!