Apps On The Move Limited launched in August offering mobile app development and consultancy services.

I started developing iOS apps in 2008 and used Apps On The Move, as a sole trader, to launch Go Calc and then Trunk Notes. Both apps were projects worked on independently to my full time job as a software engineer. Working as Head of Mobile at a West Midlands agency for the past four years I’ve overseen the development of over 40 apps. Clients have included entrepreneurs with small budgets and big ideas, to larger organisations wanting apps to deploy to their employees.

In addition to iOS apps I have worked with Android since 2011, and have worked on two Xamarin projects in the last 12 months.

App development is a key part of my offering via Apps On The Move. However I’m looking to work as a consultant with agencies and organisations looking to develop apps, internally or outsourced, who currently lack the knowledge to do so effectively. App development has some overlap with website development but differs in a number of important ways. The languages and technologies are obviously different. Good app UI/UX is often seen by newcomers as more restrictive and it’s too easy to try and bypass recommended paradigms. Additionally there are hundreds of core APIs and platform features which aren’t always easy to get right.

If you have a requirement for an app to be developed, or require help on getting started with your existing development team get in contact. Use my online form to register your requirement or send me an email at mgkennard@appsonthemove.com to see how I can help.