Get some expert advice

A common scenario:

“We are an award winning agency and have the go ahead to develop an app for a fantastic client. We haven’t developed a mobile app before but out client wants one and we should give it a go.”

What happens all too frequently is that an agency goes through discovery, creates mockups and specs an app. All without anyone involved who has been on app project before. Development is scheduled to start in a few weeks so the hunt for a freelancer or contractor starts.

The app may turn out to be brilliant, delivered on time and a hit on the app stores - or might be beset by multiple redesigns, features which can’t be implemented in budget and a deadline missed by months.

Where could some consultancy from an app expert help?

  • Help your designer understand the interface guidelines from Google and Apple AND where these can be bent or broken for a particular creative vision
  • Where platform features you may not be aware of can help you better meet requirements and delight your client
  • Handle more complex requirements such as working out what third party service integrations are needed
  • Research/prototype cutting edge on-trend features such as Augmented Reality
  • Work as part of your team to assist with requirements gathering and specifying a solution

It is well worth getting an expert onboard at an early stage in a project, waiting until you think implementation is ready to begin will reduce yours and your clients chances of a successful outcome.

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