beorg 1.2

beorg 1.2 is now on the App Store.

WebDAV support

Dropbox is great but many people prefer to store files on their own server or use another solution which better meets their needs. WebDAV is a standard way of providing generic file server capabilities over the Internet and is supported by services such as OpenDrive, Nextcloud and ownCloud. If you use Org-mode and want to keep your org files out of the hands of providers such as Dropbox then beorg 1.2 is for you.

To get started using your WebDAV enabled server with beorg:

beorg screenshots

  1. Switch to the Settings tab in beorg 1.2
  2. Set the Sync method to WebDAV
  3. Enter the WebDAV URL - for example in OwnDrive (a provider who hosts an ownCloud instance for you) the WebDAV URL is
  4. Provide your username and password
  5. Switch to the Agenda tab and tap the sync button (top right)

Calendar integration

beorg 1.2 can now show events in your system calendar alongside events from your org files. Simply grant access for beorg to read your calendar (you’ll be asked if you want to do this when beorg 1.2 first launches) and then events should appear. You can see which events are from your calendar as the calendar name will be shown in parentheses - for example (Family). My wife uses a shared family calendar for things we both need to be aware of - this new feature is a great way of showing those alongside my tasks which tend to be stored in Org-mode.

In 1.2 all your calendars are shown, however events which are duplicated in multiple calendars will be hidden. For example if you have “Mum’s birthday” in your family calendar and “Mum’s birthday” in your personal calendar only one of these will be shown.

Tap a calendar event to be taken to that day in the iOS Calendar app. Support for additional calendar apps (such as Fantastical) will be coming in a future update.

Minor improvements

  • Support for time ranges - e.g. <2017-10-04 10:00-11:00>
  • Files are now shown in alphabetical order
  • Some UI changes on the Files tab
  • You will be asked to rate the app every few months (apologies if you hate these requests but your ratings are very much appreciated)