A goodbye To Trunk Notes

Trunk Notes has been in development since 2009 and unfortunately it has come time to say goodbye. Revenue from Trunk Notes in the past couple of years has been very low. The interest in personal wikis, especially when lacking a companion web or desktop app, just isn’t high enough to generate the sales needed for further development. To give an idea of monthly income from Trunk Notes - it is equivalent to about one hour worked on projects for clients. The lack of competitor personal wikis on the App Store is a very clear indication that not many people are looking for one.

If you have purchased Trunk Notes in October/November 2018 I’ll do all I can to help you process a refund with Apple. Unfortunately app developers can’t handle refunds themselves. Please send me your App Store receipt showing when you purchased Trunk Notes to support@appsonthemove.com.

Whilst Trunk Notes will continue working for as long as you need it (on your current device and version of iOS anyway) you may want to look for an alternative solution. You can back up all your pages from Trunk Notes using the Wi-Fi Sharing interface. Any images can be retrieved using iTunes File Sharing. If you use Dropbox sync then you’ve already got access to all of your data. As Trunk Notes pages are plain text it should be trivial to transfer your data to a new service.

I am actively working on a new app called beorg which for some of you may be a good replacement. It follows some of the same philosophy as Trunk Notes - it is plain text and has plenty of features for power users. It isn’t strictly a note taking app and won’t necessarily meet your needs. It is also based on a pre-existing file format and there is another iOS app which supports it, and apps on Android and the desktop. If you do want to check it out just search for ‘beorg’ on the App Store.

Thank you to all the users who’ve expressed enthusiam for Trunk Notes over the years. Your support and comments have been deeply appreciated.