Playing with Lua

I’ve been asked recently for more tutorials on using Lua with Trunk Notes, and this morning I was asked: “I want to include the previous page at the top of my current page.” Using Lua this is an easy ability to add in Trunk Notes. The starting point is working out how to get access to the last page. Trunk Notes has a function history which returns a certain number of page titles that have been browsed recently.

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Trunk Notes 4.5.0

Trunk Notes 4.5.0 was released yesterday. This update comes with some new features and the usual bug fixes. For users who sync their wiki with Dropbox you might be excited that Trunk Notes (finally!) automatically uploads new and changed pages. If you have issues with this new feature you can easily disable it to return to the old behaviour. Manual sync may still be needed if you don’t change anything but want to bring in changes made on another device.

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