Can you promise me a bug free app?

I remember about 18 months ago, seeing an app development company’s website which promised bug free apps. As an experienced software developer I know that such a claim is a very bold one to make. A mobile app is a piece of software just like Microsoft Office, Photoshop or Windows 10 - in most cases much less complex, however a piece of software nonetheless. If you are someone who has ever used Microsoft Office, Photoshop or Windows 10 you will know that bugs do exist in these products.

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How much do apps cost?

If I need some work done on my car or house I generally have no idea how much it’s going to cost. Unless I get a number of different quotes, I feel a bit in the dark as to whether I’m getting good value for money. The same would be true if it involved many areas in which I have limited or no knowledge. For many people having software developed is just the same.

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