New Toy

You would be surprised how many developers don’t jump straight away on the latest technology. So many dislike social media, prefer retro gaming and have a laptop which isn’t exactly cutting edge. I’ve only just got my first smartwatch for personal use. With a family I can’t justify spending lots of the latest tech. A recent Black Friday deal was on the Pebble Classic for just shy of £50. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

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Photoshop Frustration

I’ve been frustrated this morning by the way colour tables are edited in Photoshop. An indexed PNG being used as an OpenCV grabcut mask needed updating to match an image shown to the user in app. Once I had the new image I wanted to modify the colour table to reduce it to the three indexed coloured required by the algorithm. After getting annoyed with the seeming lack of the ability to quickly modify the table in Photoshop I saved the colour table, edited using Hex Fiend and within 1 minute had the new reduced colour table ready to use.

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Apps On The Move Limited launched in August offering mobile app development and consultancy services. I started developing iOS apps in 2008 and used Apps On The Move, as a sole trader, to launch Go Calc and then Trunk Notes. Both apps were projects worked on independently to my full time job as a software engineer. Working as Head of Mobile at a West Midlands agency for the past four years I’ve overseen the development of over 40 apps.

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